Linux Dedicated Server or Windows Dedicated Server: Which to Choose?

Deciding Factors

When designing a new website or hosting servers, it’s up to you  to choose between Linux dedicated servers and Windows dedicated servers.


The software you already use to support and maintain your website may be the main deciding factor for you to make the choice between Linux or Windows for your dedicated server. Some applications only work on one or the other, and making a change may not be preferable if you have a well-established website. If you are starting from scratch, however, you can consider which server operating system has the best features and support to meet your company’s needs.


Linux is an open-source operating system with no required licensing fees.Pricing for dedicated servers with Windows includes Microsoft licenses, making it the more expensive of the two options.

System Power

 Linux is more lightweight than Windows and needs less server power to run. Windows may require anywhere between two and six times more power or space, so you need to be sure the server has enough resources to handle the load while still delivering a quality website experience.

Server Characteristics

SQL Server works with Windows as an operating system, but Linux is the desirable choice if you prefer to use PHP or MySQL for databases. The database framework you choose can have an impact on your ability to scale up and update essential apps as needed. 


The operating system you choose should be the one your team can work with easily to handle routine maintenance, make updates and run company applications.


On Linux, the cPanel interface is the most common. It includes an intuitive setup with clear icons and is preferred by many hosting services. Windows servers use Plesk, a dashboard designed for optimal performance with the operating system. 

Making the choice between Linux dedicated servers and Windows dedicated servers is largely a matter of which operating system allows you to scale up as your business grows and offers support for the software with which your IT team is familiar. 

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